PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC is a continuous covering based on cork dust and resins which provides all the thermal isolation of cork to the surface where it is applied. The difference with respect to other traditional solutions is on that PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC is applied on the surface as a finish so that our building stays protected from external agents (cold, heat and humidity).

We apply a natural skin to your building, which is long-lasting and protective from external weather agents, giving thermal insulation to the surface increasing its thermal inertia.

Heat can be transmitted by radiation, spread by conduction or moved by convection. Heat moves through conduction parameters until it finds the external part of a building, where it dissipates by convection and radiation. In order to reduce this loss of heat, a layer of thermal insulation is usually used but there is no intervention for the radiation and convection effect, nevertheless, this is brought about by projected cork.

The projected cork application protects the building from overheating during the summer and cold and humidity during the winter, that is to say, it gives inertia to the building and it acts as a thermal insulator. On top of being a continuous application, it reduces the losses from the different thermal bridges around the building and it reduces any conduction loss.

It produces better thermal characteristics for the building with extreme changing conditions from summer and winter.