PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC is a 100% waterproof and perspiring facing. The correct application of the product by an approved applicator is a warrant for a facing which makes the surface waterproof wherever it is applied.

Put simply, projected cork is just like the cap in a bottle of wine, it acts as a waterproof element which prevents the wine from getting out but it allows oxygenation through breathability.

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The application of PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC as a covering allows for continuous applications on plain or inclining surfaces with tightness problems, it prevents expensive repair works on balconies and roofs, which might demand demolition, providing waterproofing and giving it a finishing touch.

Just with suface preparation, the repairing of spoiled points and the sealing of certain points,  the PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC can be applied on any surface, obtains a 10-year warrantied waterproofed surface, with a reduction in costs and work compared to traditional solutions.

As well as cost reduction, the removal of complex works and durability of the solution are its advantages, PROJECTED CORK from DECOPROYEC applied on any surface of any building will work as a continuous skin which will protect the building from extreme weather conditions during the summer (preventing overheating) as well as during the winter (reducing cold surfaces and humidity by condensation) solving all tightness problems with a durability that not many construction solutions can offer.

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