Noise problems from construction processes produce degradation in acoustic conditions which do have a solution.

We at DECOPROYEC are clear about the nature of our product and how it can help to improve the acoustic conditions of a building. projected cork is a solution that, once applied, has a 3mm thickness and a very creased and flexible finish. From knowing our product well, we can suggest solutions to acoustic problems.

The noise in buildings is spread in 3 ways:

    • Noise by transmission is the noise which is transmitted through the air and penetrates the building. Faced with this problem, one solution is to increase in size the mass of the envelope of the building and another one is to add porous materials which can absorb the energy. Facing this noise, projected cork limits, to a point, the transmission of noise, because it is neither increases the mass of the building nor the porous material but with enough thickness to absorb the noise thus converting it to energy.
    • Noise by impact is the vibration produced within the building because of vibration over surfaces, mainly in the floors ( footsteps, falling objects, machinery … ) The solution to this type of noise is to act on the source, creating absorbing surfaces with flexible properties or laminated floors. Our product really does impact noises by creating laminated floors which prevent the transmission of vibrations.
    • Noise by reverberation is the background noise generated in badly insulated places where the noise, by colliding with the flat bondstone, rebounds and generates a rebounded sound to the receptor’s ears. The solution to this type of noise is to set the parameters in order to create enough acoustic noise absorption. The parameters in which projected cork DECOPROYEC is applied are creased and flexible enough so that the reflexive surfaces are reduced.

Despite the fact that projected cork is not a pure acoustic insulation material we can solve some acoustic problems related to impact and reverberation, but also giving an unequalled aesthetic component.