Humidity by condensation can be easily misread as tightness problems, but a good diagnosis will lead to according action.

Humidity by condensation is shown up as by stains and spots on the exterior part which will manifest themselves as mould, which is into evidence of the presence of humidity because of vapour from water being condensed into liquid water, where it comes into contact with cold surfaces.

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The real origin of this humidity by condensation is the vapour from pre-existing indoors water, where there is vapour from water in the air which can’t be seen and this condensation appears when two key factors come into effect:

A high level of vapour in the atmosphere on account of different factors such as little or no indoor ventilation, sources which generate water vapour (bathrooms or kitchens), some heating systems and even the climate.

The existence of cold surfaces around the building, which is due to poor quality construction solutions of the building which are not properly isolated and therefore generate condensations.

PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC applied around the building protects itself from extreme temperatures during the winter and, as it is applied as a continuous skin, it reduces the existence of thermal points; façade protection of the building reduces the emergence of cold indoor surfaces, solving the problems generated from humidity producing indoor/internal condensation.

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