PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC is a facing with multiple properties which makes it suitable for achieving seamless façades. It brings together requirements and characteristics for the ideal facing for any façade. How many facings can offer a 10-year warranty ? Without any doubt,  DECOPROYEC can offer a long-lasting façade with added value.

  • A seamless aesthetic finish.  Have you even seen a façade with projected cork?
  • A waterproof covering which, on the one hand, protects your façade from dampness by filtration and, on the other hand, it improves the lifespan of the bondstone.
  • A breathable covering which allows the water vapour to change from indoor to outdoor without ever affecting the covering, improving the air quality in the building. projected cork will prevent impermeable veils like those generated by cork based paints which have with a short lifespan of only two to three years.
  • An elastic and stretchable covering which allows the absortion of any possible breaking in the bondstone due to dilatation. These properties offered by the cord allow for incresed the durability of the application, without expansion joints, which are currently used.
  • A thermal protection of the bondstone, given that continuous application over the façade protects the building from overheating during summer time, reducing heat accumulation ( because it increases the inertia of the surface ) and maintaing a steady temperature avoiding cold closed surfaces during winter time.


Projected cork provides a long-lasting covering which prevents the usual problems of traditional façade solutions.

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