DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES S.L.U. is a manufacturer of sprayed cork, a 100% natural patented product. The main component of the product is cork (the best natural insulator) from the bark of the cork oak.

DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is a one-component product in its use, once the container is opened, it does not need to add other components for its use.

Anti-mold agents and natural preservatives are added to all DECOPROYEC brand products at the time of manufacture.

Packaging presentation

DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is packaged in light plastic bags, manually sealed and inserted into the covered and sealed buckets. This process guarantees better air insulation and eliminates accidental contact with air in cases of cracks in the lid, since the sprayed cork dries by oxidation on contact with air.

In the packaging, in addition to the silk-screen printing of the labels with indications on the properties and methods of use, the date of manufacture and the recommendations on the deadline for use will also be visible.



The product preparation process consists of removing the product from the plastic of the container, pouring it into the empty container or other containers and continuing with the whipping phase until the necessary fluidity and density are achieved.

The mixing is done with a medium / high power electric mixer and with a moderate speed using a medium diameter steel mixer (12 – 14 cm.); To mix the product from a 12kg container of product, it will take about 2 – 3 minutes of mixing.

The whipping process allows the aeration of the product and its considerable increase in volume, one of the main characteristics of DECOPROYEC sprayed cork, occupying almost the entire volume of the container.

It is not advisable to separate the product into parts before beating since, after manufacturing, the liquid components are mixed in a non-homogeneous way inside the container. The procedure will be to mix the entire contents of the container and then, if necessary, separate the product into parts.


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DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is applied projected on multiple surfaces (facades, roofs, terraces, floors …) providing the definitive solution to problems related to humidity, acoustic and thermal insulation, aesthetics and many more things that we can discover.

The DECOPROYEC sprayed cork finish is grainy and decorative, along with waterproofing properties and high breathability. This allows it to be used in all construction sectors, with a recommended thickness of 3-4mm.

The yield of the product is 2 kg / m2.


DECOUNION fixing emulsion

DECOUNIÓN XL fixing emulsion is used as a primer to improve the adhesion of sprayed cork on rough or damaged substrates. It can also be added in small quantities to DECOPROYEC sprayed cork to obtain a more fluid product mix, the compatibility of both products is total.

It can also be used in waterproofing applications for a better performance guarantee, remaining applied between layers, guaranteeing protection.

DECOUNION fixing emulsion
DECOUNION fixing emulsion

Substrates and surfaces to be coated

The surface to be treated must be healthy and consistent, it may be a little damp but not soaked in water, it is essential to avoid the presence of dust or lime and it is not advisable to have many layers of cracked and sagging paint.

In the case of damaged renderings, fissures and cracks greater than half a millimeter, it is necessary to clean up the surface.

Damaged and inconsistent areas must be chopped and cleaned and plastered with cement and sand or putty, so that the surface is regular and flat, without unevenness and imperfections between the healthy parts and the untreated areas to obtain a perfect finish.

In the cases of fiber cement – asbestos coverings, it will be necessary to clean the dust and scratch the mold.

Surfaces that do not need to be treated and adjacent to those that need coatings, have to be completely protected (ceilings, floors, windows, doors, etc.) in the parts close to the surfaces to be treated.

These protections must be removed before the DECOPROYEC sprayed cork has completely dried, otherwise, unless a cutter is used, it may happen that pulling the cut out could also pull a part of the DECOPROYEC sprayed cork on the surface already coated.

Cleaning of working media and surfaces soiled during application must be done with water before the DECOPROYEC sprayed cork has completely dried to avoid spending more time than necessary in the final cleaning.

Application modalities

The fixing emulsion can be applied like a paint (brush, roller, pour, spray gun or machine with a 6 mm outlet nozzle).

The filler putty (used to cover cracks and holes, or to smooth surfaces such as a thin plaster) can be applied with a spatula or a trowel.

DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is applied with a spray gun (guns adapted to cork spray are recommended) according to the attached technical sheet, and with 6mm nozzles.

The pressure to be used (3.5 to 4 bar) and the projection distance will derive from the applicator’s experience and the finishing result we want to achieve.

It is not advisable to exceed a pressure of 4 bars and not approach the surface more than 25 – 30 centimeters or move further than 70 – 80 centimeters away.

The surface, before application, must be dry, clean and healthy, in the case of cracks they will have to be sealed with putty.

In the case of old paving in cement or porous materials, drying will take 1 day depending on the ambient temperature (it is advisable to do this type of work during the summer). After 8 – 12 hours of application, an unexpected rain does not compromise the work done, it only delays the drying.

In the case of non-porous floor coverings (ceramic stoneware) or asphalt fabrics that have been damaged occasionally, the drying times may be longer.

In the case of asphalt fabric, it is necessary to lift and remove the non-glued areas, fill these areas and seal the joints with Putty and smooth the surfaces, finally, apply DECOPROYEC sprayed cork.

In the cases of applications made on terraces, the application will also have to be extended to the vertical walls up to a minimum height of 30 cm, these will have to be chopped and cleaned before applying, so that once these areas are covered with DECOPROYEC sprayed cork, stay in the same plane as the uncoated areas, without unevenness. This is done in order to avoid leaks once the coating has been applied and to achieve a good finish.

The correct way to apply the product is through 3 coats, allowing it to dry well between coats. The first layer with little material (being a grip layer), the second covering (without loading as it could crack) and moving away about 80 cm. in total to blend the product well and achieve a good homogeneity.

The applicator’s hand has to move evenly, without pauses, this is achieved with experience; In general, it is advisable to apply a layer of 1.5 mm more or less, of product applied homogeneously over the entire surface, let it dry for about 24 hours and apply a second and third coat.

The sprayed cork achieves its final colour once it is well dry (approximately 1-2 weeks).

Demonstration video of the process

Demonstration video of the process