Systematic approval of external suppliers

All purchases and subcontracting related to the activity of DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. must be carried out to qualified suppliers / subcontractors.

The selection of suppliers / subcontractors for the acquisition of products or services related to the activity must be carried out taking into account the following criteria:

  • Each supplier / subcontractor will be evaluated in order to verify if it meets the established requirements.
  • The products or services will be evaluated, if applicable.


The evaluation consists of verifying the supplier / subcontractor’s capacity to satisfy the requirements of the required product or service, taking into account relative aspects such as quality, the environment, delivery times, after-sales service, among others.

The person in charge of Quality and Environment evaluates the suppliers / subcontractors through one of the following methods:
a) Historical evaluation of supplier / subcontractor behavior.
This method is only applicable to those suppliers / subcontractors prior to the implementation of this procedure.

b) Evaluation by questionnaire.
This method consists of sending the “Supplier / Subcontractor Evaluation Questionnaire” with a series of questions on relevant aspects for DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. that may affect your Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System. Once the questionnaire is received, the person in charge of Quality and Environment will carry out an assessment of it to determine whether or not the supplier / subcontractor is accepted. The acceptance criteria for including it is stipulated in 85% affirmative questions in the questions part related to the Quality Management System.

The part related to the Environmental Management System will be assessed separately, and for a supplier / subcontractor to be accepted the acceptance criteria is stipulated in 80% affirmative questions.

In case of having difficulties in receiving the questionnaires, questionnaires can be made by telephone for evaluation by this method.

c) Evaluation by certification of the Quality and Environmental Management System.
In the event that the supplier / subcontractor has a recognized quality and environmental certificate, DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. will approve said supplier / subcontractor for the section in question without more than sending a document that accredits said certification or through a system that through DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. It can be evidenced (the provider’s website or official lists of company registrations in their different modalities).


In order to maintain the continuous evaluation of all the suppliers / subcontractors included in the list, they are followed up on the orders and subcontracts made, which consists of the assessment of non-conformities, customer complaints, claims from DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. to suppliers / subcontractors and customer satisfaction questionnaires.

The non-conformities detected are recorded in the supplier / subcontractor file, so that the person in charge of Quality and Environment, in consultation with the manager, decides whether to continue maintaining their accreditation or withdraw it.

As a general criterion, a supplier that does not attend, does not pay interest or ignores any of the claims presented by DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. they will be excluded from the list of qualified suppliers / subcontractors. Additionally, in the case of having 5 non-conformities or claims on our part in the same year, it will also be excluded from the list.

The validity period of the accreditation is until the expiration of the quality and environmental certificates sent or, failing that, two years from the receipt of the last questionnaire. However, the person in charge of Quality and Environment may reduce said period as a consequence of any of the causes stated above.

Those suppliers / subcontractors that are removed from the list may be re-evaluated if they demonstrate that they have implemented a corrective action plan on the causes of the claims presented by DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U., which must be referred to the person in charge of Quality and Environment. Environment for you to agree to the proposed actions.

Suppliers / Subcontractors not evaluated

To those suppliers / subcontractors who, due to the needs of DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U., due to urgent delivery times, not having qualified suppliers / subcontractors of the necessary product or service, etc., advise the purchase of products or the subcontracting of services to new suppliers / subcontractors, orders may be temporarily allowed, with prior authorization from the manager.

In order to be considered as a qualified supplier, it must be verified that the relationship that exists with him is satisfactory and then the established evaluation procedure would begin.

If after the evaluation made to the supplier / subcontractor, the result is positive, it will be considered qualified by DECOPROYEC SUBERTRES, S.L.U. The person in charge of Quality and Environment will open a file in the quality management program where its main data, the evaluation method and the monitoring that is carried out for its continuous evaluation are reflected. This file will be made in the format G 0401 “Ficha de proveedor/subcontratista”.

Approved suppliers will become part of G 0402 “Lista de proveedores cualificados”, while qualified subcontractors will become part of G 0404 “Lista de subcontratistas cualificados”. These lists are prepared by the Quality and Environment manager and are updated each time a supplier / subcontractor is approved or eliminated.


May 8, 2019