Capillary action: phenomenon resulting in elevation of depression of surface liquid.

PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC is a magnificent waterproofing due to the fact that its composition lets it breathe, which is the main characteristic that makes it unique as a construction solution.

It is, indeed, a more long-lasting product than alternatives, its main advantage being its high grade of breathability, which allows indoor humidity of the covered area to be able to escape without any damage over time, since it doesn’t generate water accumulation because it is a covering which allows non-stop evaporation of external water.

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A PROJECTED CORK DECOPROYEC application in spots with humidity by capillarity definitively removes and eliminates humidity from the surface, owing to evaporation and non-stop breathability of the projected cork covering which removes existing spots.

It additionally adds important relative properties and characteristics over the products, it replaces such as: elasticity, flexibility, mechanical resistance, thermal isolation, waterproofing, anti-fungus, a total lack of toxicity, stability over time and an extensive list of other characteristics which are complemented with real money savings in labour costs, and electrical energy consumption.

It solves problems caused by humidity by capillarity adding a seamless aesthetic appearance.

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