DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is a continuous coating based on granulated cork and resins that provides all the thermal protection power of natural cork to the support on which it is applied. The difference with respect to traditional solutions is that DECOPROYEC sprayed cork is that DECOPROYEC is applied superficially as a finish so that our building is protected directly from external agents (rain, cold, heat and humidity) with a continuous layer that completely envelops it.

We apply a natural skin to your building that is durable and protective from external atmospheric agents, thermally isolating the support and increasing its thermal inertia, without the need for maintenance.

Heat can be transmitted by radiation, spread by conduction. Heat “travels” through the walls by conduction, until it reaches the exterior of your house, where it is dissipated by convection and radiation. To reduce heat losses, the conduction phenomenon is usually acted upon through the walls, inserting a layer of thermally insulating material, but no action is performed on the effect of radiation and convection, as does sprayed cork.

The application of sprayed cork on the envelope of your building acts on the profits generated by the action of the sun and the cold outside, protecting the envelope from overheating and accumulation of heat in summer and from cooling and humidity in winter, that is, thermally isolate your enclosure by providing inertia. In addition, as it is a continuous application, we reduce the losses generated by the thermal bridges existing in the building envelope, improving conduction losses, and saving the problem of encounters with chimneys, windows, etc. You will also achieve greater stability in the temperature of your home, which will have a positive impact on your health and that of yours.

Indoors, by conditioning the surface temperature, we reduce the convection air currents generated by very hot or cold surfaces, which are usually generated in poorly conditioned enclosures.